Romney Sheep for Sale
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Mr T
Well we are off to a slow start.  So far just two ram lambs, a recessive out of Ziva and Butthead and a recessive
carrying white ram from Kate and Mr. P.  Kate is #126 below a Ziva  x Butthead ewe from 2016.

We are finally done!  With a few bumps along the way we ended up with 2 ewe lambs and 4 ram lambs for Romneys
and a ewe lamb/2 ram lamb set of triplets out of a crossbred ewe.  

We have 2 white romney ewes for sale to a fiber flock only.  They both had prolapses, one in 2017 and the other
this year.  They are 4 years old and have beautiful fleeces.  They are being sold as fiber only no registrations.
2017 Yearllings #121 Liz and #125 Kate
Pitchfork 858  now known as Mr. P

Before arriving at his new home & after.
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Butthead and his first fleece.