Romney Sheep for Sale
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Mr T
Sadly we have no lambs this year.  Shepherd error.  Three ram lambs that didn't sell because they were under 6
months of age were left in with the ewes after the Eid because I didn't have a pen with shelter for them. Well.....I was
doing dishes, looking out the kitchen window and had an oh no moment.  Two of the ram lambs were having a good
time.  I made a pen for them and while catching them to
move them to their new quarters I saw several ewes had
very noticeable wool rumples on their bu
tts.   Not wanting to play the guessing game of "who's your daddy"  I
decided not to put the big rams in for a week
which turned in to two because I now needed that pen I made for the
ewe lambs and 2 old ladies that weren't getting bred and two of the ram lambs still occupied it.  By the time they left
lambs would have started to be born after Saint Patrick's Day which is too late for my market.  Hindsight is always
20/20...the ram lambs weren't successful in their efforts.
2017 Yearllings #121 Liz and #125 Kate
Pitchfork 858  now known as Mr. P

Before arriving at his new home & after.
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Butthead and his first fleece.